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Okay, okay, we admit it, we cannot get enough of

Renaissance Faires, thus, the name.
Is that a crime?
We love everything about them.  We love all of the food that instantly
becomes Medieval because it's placed on a stick.  We love talking
with the professional Renaissance Actors, (we use that term loosely....hehehe)
as well as the rookies who are out at faire practicing
their accents and lines for the very first time.  We love the people
who don't come in costume, who look at us as though we are
a scientific miracle that has truly traveled from Renaissance times
to the present purely for their amusement!

We are diehards.  We go in every type of weather, IN COSTUME!

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Neither can we get enough of any sort of movie or television show having
anything to do with that time period.  If you are like us, you will find
that you watch some of these just for costume ideas, regardless of
the quality.  We love all the types of music, from the bagpipes,

(God bless the Rogues!!)
to harps, flutes, guitars, vocalists, any music that can be classified
as having an influence from that time.

When we go to the faire, we shop at the stores just as people do at the
mall, looking for the newest items and styles to add to our collections.

We are junkies, plain and simple.  And we know we are not alone.
There are others who also suffer from this wonderful addiction.

Thanks for stopping by!
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